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20-24 weeks scan

Structural scan

  • Detailed structural scan
  • Fetal echocardiography
  • Fetal and maternal doppler

Detailed structural scan should include

  • Detailed study of the whole fetal body and each and every part of the body must be mentioned as normal or abnormal.
  • Detailed measurements must be mentioned.
  • You can see the whole body, face, fingers and toes and every thing with the fetal expressions.

Contrast to the common belief,volume scanning has many more applications in obstetrics than just the face watching. (Picture1)

Cleft lip (Picture2)
Cleft palate (Picture3)
Spinal abnormalities (Picture4)
Club feet (Picture5)

1. Normal Face Images
2. Cleft Lip
3. Cleft Palate
4. Spinal Abnormalities
5. Club Feet