"We are the centre with highest IUI pregnancy rates and have more than 8000 IUI pregnancies at our credit."

The Institute

Dr. Nagori’s Institute is the only Centre of Excellence for Ian Donald Inter-University school of Medical Ultrasound, The largest ultrasound school with its branches in more than 100 countries. The school was founded in Dubrovnik, Coratia by Prof. Asim Kurjak (Coratia)and Prof. Frank Chervenak. (US).

Dr. Nagori’s Institute is also a centre for training for Donald School fellows for Masters in Human Reproduction and Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Recently Released Books by our Doctors


Title: Ultrasound in Infertility & Gynecology Text and Atlas.

Author: Dr. Sonal Panchal, Dr. Chaitanya Nagori

About the Book: Ultrasound in Infertility & Gynecology is an exhaustive study, with ample illustrations, about infertility related ultrasound and gynecological diseases.


Title: Handbook of Infertility and ultrasound for practicing gynecologist.

Author: Dr. Chaitanya Nagori, Dr. Sonal Panchal

About the Book: Handbook of Infertility & Ultrasound is a book of comprehensive guidelines and insights for practicing gynecologists.


Ultrasound for congenital fetal anomalies
Title: Ultrasound for congenital fetal anomalies

Edited by: Dr. Sonal Panchal

About the Book: A ‘to the point’ book that includes the basics of the nuchal scan, 2nd-trimester anomaly scan, and common fetal abnormalities. It is a perfect book for the obstetrician who does one’s obstetric scans for one’s own patients.


Dr. Nagori’s Institute for Infertility and IVF

Dr. Nagori’s Institute for Infertily and IVF, is a one-stop solution for infertile couples. After 25 years of dedicated infertility practice, Dr. Nagori built this new center that has made a new landmark in the concept of hospitals and medical centres. This is the result of Dr. Nagori and Dr. Sonal’s hard work and dedication for about 6 months. They dreamed of a centre that should be ‘the state of art’ centre for infertility therapy and also a perfect raining centre for the young upcoming doctors. Dr. Nagpri and Dr. Sonal have a paasion for teaching. They believe that their wide experience and research in infertility and ultrasound if not propogated to the new generation, may vanish with them. The propagation of knowledge will also help these doctors in their practice, but more so to the patients.

The waiting lounge:

Yes, it is a lounge and not a waiting room. That is how it feels. It is huge with sofas arranged in small circles, to look like a lounge of a hotel. It is decorated with paintings, plants and show pieces to look more live and pleasant. More over light Indian music which is being played throughout the working hours makes the atmosphere even lighter. This area has been divided into two parts.

Consulting rooms:

There are two consulting rooms. One for Dr. Chaitanya Nagori and another one for Dr. Sonal. Entering these rooms give a feel of a coporate office rather than a hospital. The décor of the rooms does not make these feel like hospital at all. The stress of the patients may thus be partially relieved.

Examination room:

Consists of two examination cots. The room is designed to maintain privacy for the patients. The same room is also used for intrauterine insemination.

Sonography department:

This is an indispensible and inseperable part of Dr. Nagori’s Institute. This is handled by Dr. Sonal. She is specialized in

  1. Infertility related ultrasound and ovulation studies with colour Doppler and three –four dimensional power doppler.
  2. Fetal anomaly scans including fetal echocardiography and fetal neurosonograms and 3D-4D ultrasound.
  3. High risk pregnancy monitoring by sonography.
  4. Sonomamography for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

This department is the most updated one. It is equipped with the state of art sixth generation four dimensional ultrasound machine: Voluson E10 BT 15, with thestate of the art matrix convex volume probe. This department has a history of leading with continuous upgrading of knowledge and technology advancement.

Andrology laboratory:

This department is equipped with a laminar airflow, microscope and latest CO2 incubator and centrifuge machine for the best quality semen processing, which is very essential for successful infertility treatment, may it be conventional IUI or IVF treatment.

IVF department:

The IVF department is equipped with hepa filters that can filter particles as small as 0.3microns, to keep the atmosphere in the whole IVF department sterile. The IVF department consists of an operation theatre for ovum pick ups and embryo transfers. IVF OT is equipped with Boyle’s trolley, suction machine, pulse oxymeter, etc for anaesthesia and a heating block, ovum pick up suction pump, and 4D ultrasound machine- Voluson E10. for the ovum pick up procedure. The IVF laboratory is also equipped with the latest inverted microscope, laminar airflow, CO2 incubators and micromanipulator doe ICSI. It also has facilities for sperm, ovum and embryo freezing.

Operation theatre:

The main operation theatre of the department is also equipped with the latest equipments for anaesthesia, laparoscopic and open surgeries and also to deal with critical conditions. It contains suction machine, state of the art anaesthesia machine, pulse oxymeter, cardiac monitor, Storz hysteroscope, laparoscope, camera and light source and other laparoscopic instruments for complex laparoscopic surgeries. The best quality surgeries are done here with the best equipments and the best surgeons. The surgeries done here chiefly consists of all fertility enhancing surgeries like myomectomies, ovarian drilling, polyp removal, fallopian tube repairs for females, varicocoele like surgeries for males and of course some caesarean sections for those very high risk, precious and complicated pregnancies.


There are five rooms for indoor patients, two suite rooms, one deluxe, two special rooms. The suite rooms are huge rooms with separate area for the visitors . These rooms have all amenities like refrigerator, airconditioner, television, electric kettle and microwave oven for the comfort of the patient and patient’s relatives. Its separate sitting area for visitors, allows the atient to be at rest even when there are visitors. The Delux room has all the amenities like refrigerator, airconditioner, television, electric kettle, and microwave oven, but is smaller than the suite room. It has a small pantry area too. Special rooms are small and cosy and are made to satisfy the needs of less affording patients.

Conference room:

The conference room is capable to accomodating about 50 persons at a time. It is equipped with modern audiovisual aids. It is furnished with the laptop chairs to allow the comfort of writing for the trainees. This room is decorates by the subject related posters to maintain the ambience for education. These rooms are used for trainings for doctors. Trainings for gynaecologists are regularly held round the year at this centre. Doctors come from all over India and abroad for infertility and ultrasound trainings. The trainings consists of lectures by Dr. Nagori and Dr. Sonal and also by live telecast with continuous commentrary of surgeries and ultrasound.

Training room:

This is another room with all the amenities and facities as described for the conference room but is smaller , to accommodate 8-10 persons at a time. This is meant for specialized trainings for smaller batches.